We do a lot of corporate videos around here. And despite the bad rap of the ineffective, boring corporate talking heads videos, we know how effective they can really be when they’re done right. They can help foster strong workplace cultures and relay important messages both internally and beyond. They can be sleek and sexy, warm and welcoming, or even funny. Oftentimes our clients want to have an awesome video to present their company at a conference. Sometimes they want to create a video so prospective employees can learn about their company values. Whatever the need, we don’t see the demand for engaging corporate videos going away anytime soon and we’re all about it.

Featured Project

Corporate Portfolio

National Vision promotional video shows Jalapeño getting new eyeglasses

National Vision | Jalapeño

From the moment we met “Jalapeño,” we knew that his journey to getting new glasses would make for one awesome corporate video. We weren’t wrong.

Halocarbon - How? animated corporate video

Halocarbon | How?

Telling the story of a fluorochemical company like Halocarbon might seem daunting or, even worse, boring. With the help of 2D animation, though, we kept it fun!

Interview tips from Goodwill

Goodwill | Interview Tips

This instructional video for Goodwill of North Georgia is stunning and packed with info! We used hand-drawn artwork, clever animation, and creative thinking to pull it off.

Resume with edits and spelling errors

Goodwill | Resume Tips

Need to build a resume? Get some great resume tips in style with this video from our series with Goodwill of North Georgia, combining sleek animation with practical artwork.

Video thumbnail for Del Frisco training video,

FeedTV | Being a Great DFRG Bartender

A professional training video doesn’t have to feel like being stuck in a lecture. We helped the Del Frisco Restaurant Group overcome boring corporate video with FeedTV.

Video thumbnail for a Del Frisco Restaurant Group traning video.

FeedTV | Our Culinary World

Check out FeedTV! ECG created these corporate training videos for the Del Frisco Restaurant Group. They’re sleek, professional, and project the values DFRG represents.

explosion behind iMeet Man

PGi – iMeet Man Movie Trailer

Give your corporate video something extra with an unexpected theme like PGi did for their global sales conference. Check out the iMeet Man movie trailer.

split screen calm vs. chaos

PGi | GlobalMeet: Calm vs. Chaos

Ever wonder what life is like on the other side? This corporate video ECG Productions made for PGi cleverly shows the horrors of work without their GlobalMeet software.