We do a lot of corporate videos around here. And despite the bad rap of the ineffective, boring corporate talking heads videos, we know how effective they can really be when they’re done right. They can help foster strong workplace cultures and relay important messages both internally and beyond. They can be sleek and sexy, warm and welcoming, or even funny. Oftentimes our clients want to have an awesome video to present their company at a conference. Sometimes they want to create a video so prospective employees can learn about their company values. Whatever the need, we don’t see the demand for engaging corporate videos going away anytime soon and we’re all about it.

Corporate Portfolio

Video thumbnail for a corporate video for chemical company, Kraton.

Kraton | Corporate Overview Video

Did you know that animated corporate overview videos about chemical companies could be entertaining? Neither did we, until we produced this video for Kraton!

Shaw Sports Turf

Shaw Sports Turf: Why Shaw?

Put your brand into context. Shaw Sports Turf combined expert employee content with drone footage on the turf’s location for a powerful video. Check it out.

Toys R Us

Toys-R-Us HR Videos

Trust us: your HR department really wants to have some fun. They’re great for things like recruitment, which is what Toys-R-Us focused on here.

Video thumbnail for corporate video for gas station RaceTrac.

RaceTrac | People Philosophy

Transform a corporate philosophy into an animated video, just like we did for RaceTrac. This video, focused on RaceTrac’s philosophy on employees, will really (gas) pump you up!

Animated Hacker being hit by Core Security Super hero

Core Security | Animation

Classic video games inspired this 2D animated commercial for corporate client, Core Security. This nostalgic approach brought lighthearted charm to a very serious subject.

GDOT Impact video showing reduced travel delays

GDOT | Impact

Traffic in Atlanta can be… challenging. But GDOT is working hard on improvements and it shows! This corporate video showcases their best achievements with style.

Video thumbnail for 2016 corporate year end video.

National Vision | 2016 Year End Video

Year to year, National Vision is a company that just sees the big picture so clearly. To celebrate their many successes of 2016, we produced a rousing, impactful end of year video.

HNTB Recruitment Video

HNTB | Recruitment Video

Great recruitment videos can be essential for growing a business. ECG helped HNTB highlight the great opportunities there with this appealing piece.