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Whether you’ve got a project that’s ready to shoot or you’re starting from just a concept, we bring your vision to life.



We take pride in on our ability to facilitate every phase of production & post in-house with minimal need for contractors.



We deliver content in any format: mobile devices, streaming video, VOD, digital signage, television & film.

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Video Production Atlanta Clients Corporate and Broadcast

Video Production and Post Production Services | Atlanta, Georgia

Entertainment Creative Group Productions, Inc. offers script-to-screen production and post-production services for feature film, television, commercial and corporate projects. We are a full-service video production, post-production and digital animation house located in Atlanta, GA.  Our service offerings include: pre-production, scriptwriting, location and studio production, editorial, motion graphic design, digital animation, compositing, audio post-production, sound design, original music composition, Blu-ray/DVD mastering, video compression and marketing services. From feature length films to industrials to music videos to commercials, ECG Productions offers turnkey, script-to-screen solutions to a growing list of regional, national and international clients. Our customers include Coca-Cola, UPS, GE, Verizon Wireless, The Travel Channel, Samsung, LG, Kimberly Clark, Saab and The Capital Grille.

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    It goes without saying that the best professionals make their craft look easy.  When most people watch movies, TV shows, or commercials, they automatically think they can easily produce content of the same caliber. However, executing high quality video content involves assembling the right team with years of work experience (and, sometimes, school training) that should not be underestimated.   Living in LA for nearly a decade now, I have met countless aspiring writers, directors, and producers who think that their first film or video will win an Oscar just because they put their heart and soul into it.  And… I have seen them fail in disappointment.  Here are the top 10 mistakes I’ve seen video producers make, and how you can avoid them to...

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    Victoria Stilwell, of It’s Me Or The Dog fame, visited our studio to be interviewed for our Dr. Good: A Pet Rescue Mission documentary. With over 20 years of experience in training and rescuing animals, Victoria was able to provide great insight into the issues facing homeless pets in America. Victoria’s passion for animals is boundless and her solutions for identifying and eradicating the hardships surrounding the issues are pragmatic. She supports Dr. Good’s mission because it attempts to solve problems at their roots, which involves changing peoples’ mindsets and behaviors when it comes to pet ownership. We cannot thank Victoria enough for volunteering her time to be involved in our documentary project. She understands that a documentary is a great way to spread a positive message...


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