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Whether you’ve got a project that’s ready to shoot or you’re starting from just a concept, we bring your vision to life.



We take pride in on our ability to facilitate every phase of production & post in-house with minimal need for contractors.



We deliver content in any format: mobile devices, streaming video, VOD, digital signage, television & film.

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Video Production Atlanta Clients Corporate and Broadcast

Video Production and Post Production Services | Atlanta, Georgia

Entertainment Creative Group Productions, Inc. offers script-to-screen production and post-production services for feature film, television, commercial and corporate projects. We are a full-service video production, post-production and digital animation house located in Atlanta, GA.  Our service offerings include: pre-production, scriptwriting, location and studio production, editorial, motion graphic design, digital animation, compositing, audio post-production, sound design, original music composition, Blu-ray/DVD mastering, video compression and marketing services. From feature length films to industrials to music videos to commercials, ECG Productions offers turnkey, script-to-screen solutions to a growing list of regional, national and international clients. Our customers include Coca-Cola, UPS, GE, Verizon Wireless, The Travel Channel, Samsung, LG, Kimberly Clark, Saab and The Capital Grille.

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    Atlanta-produced music video about the trial and death of George Stinney released. The ECG Productions office is always dark. From an outsider’s perspective, you might think they were never open. Having been with ECG for a little over 4 months now, I can assure you that this is not the case. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find the offices empty. Just like a beehive filled with workers, the ECG Productions office and studio are constantly buzzing. I knocked on Jay’s door and was quickly met with a, “come in!” Just like the rest of the ECG Productions space, I have never seen the overhead lights on in Jay’s office. It must be a video thing, because come to think of it, I have...
  2. The Changing Landscape of Corporate Video

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      The new age of corporate video production is explored. Jason Sirotin: All right, welcome to the Naked Unicorn Podcast I’m Jason Sirotin I’m here with the partners of ECG, Jason Marraccini, and Trey Gregory. How you guys doing this morning? Jason Marraccini: Doing good. I could use a coffee, I’m kind of coveting Trey’s coffee. Trey Gregory: This coffee is delicious. Jason Marraccini: It looks good….. Jason Sirotin: Today we’re going to be talking about corporate video, the new age of corporate video production. We had a brief conversation about it yesterday so I think that there’s going to be a lot of cool things to discuss. I think the number one thing that we should talk about is the perception of the way...


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