ECG Productions

ECG Productions

Entertainment Creative Group (ECG) Productions, Inc. offers script-to-screen production and post-production services for feature film, television, commercial and corporate projects. We are a full-service video production, post-production and digital animation house located in Atlanta, GA.

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SCUF Gaming Infinity 4PS controller with removable pads
2D & 3D Animation

SCUF Gaming | Infinity 4PS

Awesome animation can really show off the best features of a product. For example, here’s how we did it for the Infinity 4PS for the PlayStation 4, a SCUF Gaming controller.

Georgia Forestry Commission's "8 Challenges" explainer video shows a park ranger with girl and her mom.

Georgia Forestry Commission | 8 Challenges

What are the main challenges Georgia forests face today? We’ll tell you through this engaging, animated video we produced for the Georgia Forestry Commission.

Florida Panthers logo animation
2D & 3D Animation

Fox Sports | Florida Panthers Logo Animation

Animating a logo is always fun for our ECG animators. We attack the project head-on, much like the big cat in this logo we animated for the Florida Panthers.

HSBC crash the classroom
Branded Content

HSBC Bank & Junior Achievement | Crash The Classroom

It’s amazing how one small event can have such a big, lasting impact. See how HSBC Bank and Junior Achievement crashed a classroom to explain the global economy in this compelling corporate video.

Video thumbnail for airplane systems software.
2D & 3D Animation

iJet | Sales Video

Get animated, 3D animated with this iJet sales video produced by the animation-savvy team at ECG Productions. This high-tech concept is very cool to watch.

Business man discussing Saleswise

Saleswise | Meeting Manager

Add one parts sleek modern location, 2 parts dynamic compositing, and 1 parts smooth Steadicam shot. What do you get? This commercial for Meeting Manager by Saleswise, of course.

Person asking for silence

Silence and Why It’s Important in Film

A Quiet Place helped moviegoers appreciate silence as a dramatic device. But really it’s about sound design! Here, we explore reasons why sometimes quiet is king.

Utilizing the 360 video experience with an iphone
Gear Reviews

360 Video Shows How Film is an Evolving Industry

360 video is a rapidly changing medium, and not without challenges. We’re pioneers in 360 video production, and we’ve been writing about it for years. Check it out!

headphones and microphone inside a recording booth at a studio

Getting the Best Recording out of Voice Talent

Working with voice talent is one part of a video production professional’s job. Here are some tips to help you get the best performance out of your vocal artists.

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