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Experience Sig Sauer’s legendary firearms selection and expertise, at the Sig Sauer Pro Shop

What’s better than an expansive, high-quality selection of firearms? How about the most knowledgeable firearms experts in the world to help you find the perfect one? That’s what the Sig Sauer offers in this epic broadcast commercial for their Pro Shop.

We shot in Epping, New Hampshire, over one weekend, and, thanks to some slick planning, had plenty of time to check out the Sig Sauer Academy and Pro Shop for ourselves. No one purchased any new firearms, but we sure as hell had fun, and learned a lot about safety along the way. What’s more, we came back with a ton of badass footage of everything the compound had to offer. The cut is tight, and Joe really got to go all out with the sound design, finishing off a true triumph, from script to screen. We got the Sig Sauer experience, and if there’s one thing we know, it’s how to give as good as we get!

Client: Sig Sauer | Profile: Broadcast Commercial




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