James Patterson | Criss Cross / Ali Cross – Mother & Daughter Promo

This book trailer shows how a love of reading brings families together

How do you market two books for two different age ranges in one commercial? That’s the question we had to answer for this James Patterson book commercial. His Alex Cross thriller series is legendary! The latest entry, Criss Cross, sees it’s hero embroiled in the same murder plots and political intrigue that made him famous. But now his son, Ali, has an adventure all his own on the middle grade level in Ali Cross. It’s father and son in action together in a crossover event! Super cool, but we still don’t want kids having nightmares from reading the wrong book!

Basically, the success of this trailer, along with it’s sister spot hinged on it’s appeal to everyone. So, our writing team got together with the client, Hachette Book Group, and came up with a concept that makes it clear that reading is it’s own adventure. It’s short, sweet, and showcases the generational appeal of both books without crossing streams!

Over the course of two days, we shot early in the morning and late at night for this special Barnes & Noble edition. Director of Photography, Trey Gregory, shot with our URSA Mini for a warm, sun-drenched look. Director and lead writer Jordan Nowlin worked his magic with the talent to elicit really genuine performances. Not to mention, Muriel Lee did some next-level set dec when she erected a fully-functional pillow fort in less than an hour. Who’d have thought c-stands would be useful for that, too? 

Everyone. That’s who. C-stands are the best.

And so is the spot! All told, this isn’t just an effective trailer for the books, but a ringing endorsement for family time, and reading in general. And no one could be cross with that!




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