James Patterson | Best Nerds Forever – Animated Book Promo

Another can’t-miss trailer for another can’t-miss kid’s book from Jimmy Patterson | Best Nerds Forever

What happens when you take the fun and exuberance of a paranormal kids-team-up concept like Stranger Things and make it palatable for younger audiences? That’s exactly what you get with James Patterson’s latest kids book, Best Nerds Forever

This book has it all: excitement, intrigue, mystery, ghosts! It’s as jam-packed with goodness as  a good PB&J is packed with…jam. Eh, you guys get it!

For a book that’s as imminently fun to read as Best Nerds Forever, we wanted to craft an equally compelling trailer; something that grabs you from the first frame and doesn’t let you go.

For us, animation was always the key. The goal was to use the energy of a semi-comic book style animation to celebrate nerdiness of all kinds. Luckily, we started with a combination of assets provided by the book’s illustrator as well as some custom artwork from our own Director of Animation, Seth Johnson. 

With those in-hand, we dove head-first into animation proper. Our Animation team utilized some stylish 2D animation to make foreground elements – e.g. dice, clouds, & a van helmed by a maniac (!) – really pop on screen. 

But the real pièce de résistance was the VO from our very own Wilson Drake. In addition to being an absolutely ace Cam Op, Editor, and Key Grip, this project taught us that Willy is very good at sounding like a ‘tween-aged kid. Just goes to show: every video project teaches you a lesson!

So, in closing: nerds unite! and enjoy this whimsical, wonderful book trailer, courtesy of everyone’s favorite nerdy-ass production company.




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