Bullseye Event Group | Super Bowl LIII Player’s Tailgate

“The Big Game” Meets “Big Eats” and “Big Timers” In This On-Target Event Video!

Bullseye Event Group’s annual Player’s Tailgate is really and truly the mac daddy of all Super Bowl pre-games. It has everything: an incredible spread, free-flowing drinks, celebrity hosts and guests aplenty, and endless ways to entertain yourself before the sports event of the year. If you have the chance to go, you 100% cannot miss it.

As Super Bowl LIII descended upon the fair city of Atlanta, we geared up to capture the madness of Bullseye’s premier event.

This event shoot was the definition of run & gun. We had a ton of ground to cover. The event itself was held at The National Center for Civil and Human Rights and it made use of every inch of both the interior and exterior of the space. To ensure we caught as much of the madness as possible, we had 4 cameras running at once. Our two Ursa Mini Pros focused on any of the “main event” moments. Meanwhile, two Sony a7s cameras roamed, capturing almost as much b-roll as there was food to eat. 

It was hectic, busy, and raucous afternoon of shooting…but boy was it ever fun! (Definitely more fun than watching that Super Bowl, I’ll tell you that much…)

As you’ll see, the end video captures all of the infectious energy of the day. Between the hype of the amped up fans and a star-studded roster of cameos (admission: we low-key fanboyed over Guy Fieri), we knew we had a lot to work with in the edit. The cut itself is fast-paced, employing quick cuts to help showcase the wild time that was the tailgate event. Mix that with a kick-ass background track and you’ve got yourself a video that’s almost as awesome as the party. Almost.




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