Branded Content

Branded content creation grows in popularity every year. And for good reason! It constantly proves to be one of the best ways for brands to really connect and engage with their consumers, while growing a unique image that stands out among the onslaught of content online nowadays. It’s a hugely important marketing tool, and it’s also just fun content to make. Ask any one of our crew members and they’ll say traveling to different cities and capturing content with artists, musicians and influencers for brands is one of their favorite gigs. Even the simpler projects, like these social media branded content pieces for Delta, are an absolute blast. Regardless of the scope of these pieces, we hope to keep making effective branded content for years to come.

Branded Content Portfolio

A woman sits while holding a sleeping dog in her arms.

Petco | Unsung Heroes – Episode 1

Petco finds the unsung heroes caring for animals. Here’s one in Atlanta. Meet Grace Hamlin in this emotional mini-doc from ECG and The Petco Foundation.

2017 Sony E3 theater experience

2017 Sony E3 | Theater Experience

The Sony E3 Theater Experience is about feeling the excitement of E3 without actually being there. In this event hype video, we display just how visceral the 2017 show was!

Resurgens Orthopaedics medical success story video.

Resurgens Orthopaedics Success Story | Holly

Overcoming arthritis is no small feat. In this mini-documentary, we follow Holly, an inspiring local artist who, with the help of Resurgens Orthopaedics, is still creating despite her illness.