James Patterson | Max Einstein: Rebels with a Cause – 8-bit Interactive Experience

Book promos level up with this amazing 8-bit video game-style pick-a-path experience!

We can’t get over how cool this promo for the second Max Einstein book, Rebels with a Cause turned out. We’ve made a lot of book promos and commercial trailers for our friends at Hachette Book Group. But this one is special. Not only is it in a genre all to itself, but we got some truly stunning 8-bit art and an original score to complete it. 

Pick-a-path programming, which you know about if you saw Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, is tricky. It takes a lot of planning. Not only must you think through logical outcomes for many different events, you need to be able to sequence them from many different “nodes.” You need multiple fail states, varying results for those fail states, and different paths to achieving success. And that’s not even considering the scriptwriting and animation hours that go into it!

All this to say: this project was a labor of love. Many of us at ECG have an enduring passion for video games, and the 8-bit style is near and dear to our hearts. Moreover, that’s what made erstwhile grip/gaff extraordinaire Collin Ingram a perfect fit for programming this beast. His game knowledge is unparalleled, and his enthusiasm for games is only rivaled by Trey Gregory, who handled much of the animation work. Along with fellow animator and Max Einstein lookalike, Anneli Brown, the team brought Max’s mini-adventure to vibrant life. The greatest reward? Hearing how much kids loved playing through our creation. Keep the 8-bit love alive!




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