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A TreeHorn Cider can and glass

Quality Control: The Drinking Game

Doing rounds of quality control for a video is trying, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. This drinking game will be your best friend during your next QC sesh.

Natlie Portman and the other ladies of Annihilation dressed for combat
Movies & Television

Annihilation: An ECG Movie Debate

Have you seen the Natalie Portman flick Annihilation? Did you like it? Click here to weigh in on the debate-in-progress between ECG’s staffers.

A motion capture of Andy Serkis showing how to animate Gollum.
Animation and Graphic Design

There is No Animate Button

Remember, graphics and animation take time. See why requesting they’re added in at the last minute isn’t always going to happen. Let ECG help you plan ahead.

Morgan Freeman doing a voice-over recording.

I Give Good Voice-Over

Developing a career as voice over talent? We can’t all start off as Morgan Freeman. Do these nine things now to make sure your VO performance is top-notch.