Gear Reviews

Working in the production industry gives our team a unique opportunity to try out and review plenty of gear. This section highlights reviews from every angle of production. You’ll find reviews for production gear as well as reviews for post-production software and features to help you expand on all your gear knowledge. Interested in reviews but would prefer a fun spin? You can try dramatic gear reviews like this one.

Ikan Blitz 400 Wireless Video Receiver

Blitz 400 Infomercial

Want to know more about the Blitz 400? It’s one of our favorite “toys,” and this informercial breaks down all of its bells and whistles.

Avenger H2006 6x6 modular fold away frame.

Avenger H2006 Infomercial

Check out why the Avenger H2006 is a great tool to add to your grip gear tool box in this infomercial-style review video. Forewarning: you’re in for a treat.

Cluster of white star LED lights.

Lighting with Lightstar HMIs

You might not have heard of Lightstar HMIs even if you work in video production. They’re a trusted lighting brand in Asia, and here’s why it’s time they get to the US.

Organizing Your Video Production Gear

Working in video production, you’re going to have a lot of gear. It’s important you keep it all organized and these are the best tips & tricks to keep track of everything.

Shooting HDR with the Sony a7s ii

Check out these photo comparisons using the HDR on the Sony a7s ii and get a better understanding of how dynamic this camera can be, especially for the low price point.

Building the Title Red Epic Rig (ikan)


Learn to build a Tilta RED Epic rig using the perfect kit of components. You’ll get multiple mounting points and everything you need to arm your camera for action.

ikan field monitor D5w


ikan continues to impress with its available gear and we love to use it. Check out our review of the ikan field monitor and why it’s worth having.