The Business of Video

We know how to run a successful production company. Doing business in the production industry is different than any other industry. We’ve got you covered with insider tips and tricks. Our team shares vital information that can save you from spending all your time researching, so you can spend more time filming. Check out our posts about contracts, e-mail templates, and managing client expectations.

A business woman sits in a chair facing the camera.

How To Handle Business Like A Woman

Handling business like a women sometimes means having to take the testosterone out of a joke or enforce professionalism, especially when some peers may insist otherwise.

Brandon Peterson films a medical TV commercial on a gurney.

How To Make A Commercial, Fast!

You’ve got to be able to work fast in video production, no matter the project. Here’s how to conceptualize, produce, and edit a commercial fast.

360 degree landscape under the stars

The Future of 360 Video

360 video is making its mark, but what does the future hold? Will wee see it in movies, video games or just on our favorite social media app? Let’s discuss.