Here at ECG, we all have one thing in common: passion for the crazy world of video production. And that’s pretty much where the similarities end. That’s the strength of our amazing team! We have a full roster of folks with different professional backgrounds and industry experiences. That’s why our blog is hands-down the best resource on the ins and outs of working in the film industry, including our insider advice on how to get there yourself. But that’s not all! We also discuss the movies and TV shows we love and hate, post resources to help guide our clients through our production process, and… well, whatever else we want to put out there, really. So dive on into our blogs, let us know what you think in the comments, and don’t forget to share your favorites! 

A group pointing off screen after finishing a dance.

In Defense of Bad Taste

Movies fall into good and bad categories, but you that doesn’t mean you have to stay loyal to just one side. Here, we defend why watching bad movies is fun.

The production assistants work to prepare a set.
Set Life

Being a PA for the Day

Get inside the mind of a production assistant as one walks you through what a day on set is like at ECG Productions.

Lego Movie - A lego man construction worker and a lego woman archer share a moment.

Top 10 Non-Disney Animated Films

Animation and Disney belong together, but they’re not the only player in the game. Check out this list of 10 animated, non-Disney films you should watch.